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::: TAKELAC PP-3210/TAKENATE I-3075's introduction :::
TAKELAC PP-3210 is a rapid cure type AC agent for extrusion lamination. This grade is applied in form of 2-component system in combination with TAKENATE I-3075 and combination can be used for wide variety films, such as PET, NY, OPP, AL foil, etc.

::: TAKELAC PP-3210/TAKENATE I-3075 other information :::


a)       Excellent adhesion to wide variety of films

b)       Fast curing

c)       Good heat and chemical resistance

d)       Available for printed films to be boiled


 TAKELAC PP-3210 and TAKENATE I-3075 complies with the following regulations:

a)       Japan Adhesive Hygienic Association Self-imposed Control of Adhesives for Food Packaging

b)       Food Sanitation Law of Japan

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